Business Essay is a write up which shows your character. In your academic career and professional life you might have gathered vast amount of knowledge and experience. But it won’t make much change when it comes to essay writing. Because essay is more about showing your view or a perspective that you have about a certain topic.

The freedom that an essay provides to you is higher than any other write up. You will get the luxury of writing some areas without having any boundaries. In Sri Lanka Essay wiring is mostly limited in to primary education and secondary education is highly attached with academic and professional reports.

But when it comes to other parts of the world like UK, Australia and Canada they still have the faith on Business Essays. Because they know that entrepreneur ideas can be only derived through allowing to write such Business Essays.

So come to us and share your business views with us. Will try to come up with Sri Lanka’s most admired business essays with your all. You will realize how strong the thought you had about a particular business when we write it in a more professional manner.


You have to be extra careful when you are dealing with a case study. Because case study is somewhat which will not allow you to hit around the bush. You have to be bread and butter with the case study. In other words you have to read carefully , understand and analyze what has been provided in the case study. Otherwise you might miss the most important part of the case study even. If you go in a wrong direction by writing unwanted things as an answer you might not be able to come in to the right track at the end.

Some case studies are carries the scenario for pages. You might not have the necessary time to read it and attempt for the questions asked due to the busy schedule. Our Professional writers will read it once, twice and thrice to understand the scenario behind the case study. They bring the models in to the answer and try to identify are there any logical sequence or theory behind the case study. They mind map the answer and build relationships in un matching parts. Talk us, send us your case study. Will sit and have a brain storming cession about your study. We are sure that we can help to boost your knowledge while providing the most suited case study answer that will earn you the maximum marks. 


Course work is like home work where you try to bring what you have learnt in a class room, research lab or discussion room in to a proper document. Like all other assignments course work too earn you a high amount of marks to pass a particular subject. It shows the level of understanding and the dedication you have shown to a particular work.

Our Course work are comprehensive and target the recipients who mark them. We ask all the clients to give us their study material, readings and any supportive source to sketch the outline of the course work in a more methodical manner. Our extra effort and the time will be put in to the course work since it will check our knowledge and the level of referring the study material to write the answer.


We write dissertations for Sri Lankan as well as non Sri Lankans .But at a time we undertake only a very limited amount of dissertations. Because the level of effort we have to put will be very high compared to the normal assignment. But after we undertake them we ensure to bring our maximum knowledge in to it. Our models are comprehensive and approved by all universities in world. The variety of references we bring in to the answer will show our understanding about the research question.

We cater research dissertations for MBA,MSC and PHDs and other undergraduate and Post graduate programs. We always consider client’s requirement and try to provide a tailor made solution to him. The same topic will not get repeated for any other client under any circumstances.


We mainly categories our research paper mainly for two categories

Academic papers -these will be identified as Scholar’s work which is published in Academic Journals
Term Papers-Mainly useful for University students, High School and college students.


Project report is a very important element in Project planning process. To implement a project successfully it has to be properly documented. Project report contains all the necessary and appropriate information regarding a project. Project report is a document which has to be done with due care and diligence. Most MBA programs contains subjects such as Project Management, Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. Most of the time these subjects demand students to prepare a project reports.

As Consuma Assignment Writers we write a perfect project report by taking all the aspects in to account. With our past experience and knowledge we know how to write a prefect project report for students to get full marks to their respective subjects.


Sometimes assignments ask students to provide responsive reports. Responsive report basically invites students to express their opinions, ideas and perspectives with regards to a particular event or a problem which has occurred in past. Most of the times these are some real world issues or events which took place in Past.


I.            Performance Review

Performance review report basically review the performance or the success of a particular company, decision or an event. There can be situations where the student have to put extra effort to identify the performance. Sometimes he or she might have to do a research to identify the performance. As Consuma Assignment Writers we write performance review based on clients requirement. Subjects such as financial management, Company performance evaluation and review, Management Accounting and Controlling, Competitor Analysis, Ratio analysis and review are demanding students to carry out such performance reviews. 

II.            Critical Review

Critically evaluation does not talks about what is write or wrong. It basically talks about writer’s view about a particular article or event or any other related matter. Based on the knowledge he acquired writer can come up with his opinion. He can discuss about pros and cons, importance, area covered, gravity and depth of a particular decision through critical review. We Consuma Assignment writers know which areas has to be covered under critical evaluation and which areas are not. 

III.            Book review

Book reviews are twofold. One is where you who discuss about writers skills of writing, his or her language used, the aim he wants to achieve, the approach and the strategies he used and the applicability of those write ups in to the real world ect. Secondly a student can refer a particular book for his or her write up. Student can discuss the applicability of that particular book to the area that he or she talks about. Even though we are a Sri Lankan based Assignment writing company we have a vast Access to Sri Lankan as well as Foreign e-book libraries. We refer large amount of book references to student’s answers. Our Team members are knowledgeable in reviewing any management related book since they come from different management disciplines.